Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Fall 2008 Couture Shoes - Christian Dior

John Galliano's fecundity of creativity presented itself, during the couture show this fall, in an array of brilliantly detailed gowns and shoes in subdued colors.The color palette was extensive yet subdued.More often people wonder whether couture is just about the wild beast of creativity unleashed on the runway with little use beyond that.But this time around Galliano has made couture "wearable".The silhouettes of the gowns are immense and beautifully complemented by shoes that match them both in color as well as finesse.The ornate platform shoes showcased in very soothing colors of pastel pink, green and lilac with numerous links covering the vamp and supported on either embellished or plain triangular heels in silver hardware, are sure to make many hearts miss a beat or two.While the French President's wife Carla Bruni has chosen to dress in Dior this fall, it is left to be seen whether she will slip into one of these shoes, thus abandoning her flat shoes as has become her habit ever since Nicolas Sarkozy became her better half!!!

Image Source:www.style.com


Foxy said...

Those are GORGEOUS shoes

P Adhikari said...

Yup, the genius of Galliano on display, he has raised the bar so high that the couture savy are not very satisfied with his Fall 2008 collection!!!