Friday, January 30, 2009

John Galliano's Runway Antics

The showing of John Galliano's spring couture last Monday (in which he appeared in a demure black, as has become customary of him since the past few shows), made me return to my archive of his flamboyant days when he was as much part of the show as the clothes he had showcased.No other designer so meticulously works on his look for each runway appearance.Galliano, please return to your old days of rib tickling, awe inspiring runway drama.In the meantime, here's an ode to Galliano, the king of Couture and his many avatars on the runway.Sit back, relax and enjoy for the show is indeed a grand one constantly transporting you back and forth time.


I'll sweep you off your feet.

I have the best abs in town.

Envying my hair?

Role-playing, anyone?


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Fashion Pick Of The Day (22/01/09)

Prepared to be the talk of the town when you step out on a cool spring weekend in this tee, paired with a capri and gladiator sandals? The neckline adds real spunk to the outfit, and makes you come across as an urban chic girl who has a fun take on style.


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Horror in Black

Kate Winslet's journey down "Revolutionary Road".


The Curious Case of Angelina's Pants

ANGELINA JOLIE : Didn't I not tell you that I would be able to manage?
BRAD PITT : That was very clever of you !!! I was very apprehensive about how my "nail art" would turn out.
ANGELINA JOLIE : Never mind.Didn't expect too much out of a guy who ages backwards!!
BRAD PITT : Ok I admit that I screwed up on your pedicure, but look at you..Well you remind me of the scarecrow in the paddy fields meant for shooing away birds.


"Doubt" Meryl's Fashion Sense?

Spotted on Meryl, during her Paris photo call for her latest movie "Doubt", a similar dress worn by Catherine Malindrino during her Spring 2009 Ready-To-Wear fashion show.With the Obama inauguration and she playing a nun in "Doubt" fighting for a black student's dignity, it is only natural that she turned up in the American flag inspired dress.But how could one approve of that tacky red belt tied just under her bust and those shoes that does nothing for the dress?Its a pity she turned up in a dress that looks so much better on Catherine!!!


Monday, January 19, 2009

The Missing Blue

We have seen the pink, the green and the orange, wonder when and where the blue sighting would happen. Well I'm referring to the Stephen Sprouse tights that Marc Jacobs cannot live without, at least until they sell a significant number.And did you notice the tacit agreement between Marc and his boyfriend, when Marc wears orange, his partner wears green and vice verse!! Well, love is blind I know but color coordinated ?? Well that Marc has sure taught me!!


Friday, January 16, 2009

Who wore it better ?

I'm not particularly fascinated by this Fall 2008 Chanel couture dress.Who do you think carried if off better? Anne Hathaway or the model?


Tailor's Day Out

How else can one explain this atrocity on the runway!!! Designers please leave your Wal-Mart curtains at home and please don't wrap those sweet little fragile things called "Models" in them.Sometimes models work for clothes instead of money, imagine if this model had chosen that path!!I shudder and cross myself and they say models have an easy life!!!


Where Is The Halloween Party ?

She mistook MAC store opening for a Halloween Party !!!


An All Black Affair

ANNE HATHAWAY : This "Most boring outfit" contest is such fun.
KATE HUDSON : You bet, for once I didn't have to call my grumpy stylist!!
ANNE HATHAWAY : I know, by the way did you pull your outfit from your teen years trash??
KATE HUDASON : Better than splicing a bathrobe to make a top!!
ANNE HATHAWAY : Sush!! Don't leak that to the paparazzi.


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Marc Jacobs' Pet Peeve

Imagine someone whacks you on your head or empties a bucket of ice cold water on you in the middle of the night and murmers "skirt", well I don't know about you but I for sure would yell out "MARC JACOBS".


Miss Havisham

Miss Havisham on her wedding day when she came to know of her betrayal by her lover.


Spring Trends 2009 : Animal Instincts and Butterfly Effect

What do you do during tough times? Bring out the animal instinct in you, the instinct to surpass all odds and triumph all privations.Perhaps, thats the message these designers wanted to send across this spring.As for the butterfly, we all know that a flutter of its tiny wings can either accelerate, delay or even prevent a tornado.Be tough as an animal and "strong" as a butterfly to sail through this "economic tornado" that we are currently in.

I'm all ready for the peacock dance.

Beware of the lion queen.

I'm going to hum a song.

I sure feel like a fish out of water.

I'm a beetle fan.

Dare to fight me?

Meet the monarch.

I'm the kiss of death.

I never let go.

Its not just the butterflies that find me sweet.

Catch me if you can.

I'm mobbed.

Climbing to the top, isn't as easy as it seems.

I don't do cat fights.


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Fashion Pick Of The Day (13/01/09)

Ever had the experience of your little one scribbling with crayons on the white shoe that you had bought, after months of saving and waiting patiently in line for more than half a day to get into the store on SALE day? Fret not when it happens the next time, for the young ling might have done the shoe a ton of good!!! Slip into a red mini dress, wear these shoes and set the town ablaze with your jaw dropping style.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Fashion Pick Of The Day (12/01/09)

This is a time for practical, mood lifting, economical and of course glamorous and stylish shoes.The era of closet collector is over, at least for now.These glamorous thongs, a denim shorts and some girlfriends to chat with, can one ask for more? And the best part is you are in sync with the spring trends for starfish has been spotted on the runway more than once this spring.


Anne Hathaway's New Love Interest

Well before you even start guessing, let me just assure you that I was talking about her love for Gianfranco Ferre's Spring 2009 collection.(Here is another of her appearance in Ferre's spring collection).Anne looks frightfully thin these days and the only place she was mind blowing was in her Vogue(January 2009) cover shoot."I don't eat anything with a face" was her comment on her "return" to vegetarianism, but I wonder whether she at all she eats anything.Will some benevolent soul please hand her a plate of cookies?

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Sun, Surf and Marc Jacobs

Is that Marc Jacobs or a Greek God coming out of water?


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Giuseppe Zannoti's Murder Spree

How else could one justify this Fall 2009 shoe design right from the sketch pad of Giuseppe Zannoti? Kudos to Zannoti for adding a whole new dimension to the concept of "killer heels", and as for you ladies, you have got less than an year to get your balancing act right!!! Someone please tell me that Zannoti was just designing for the "Impossible Shoe" contest and not for Fall 2009!!!


A Vacation of Sorts in The City of Joy

An absence of 10 days from the blogosphere needs an explanation, no doubt.This time around I vacationed in Kolkata, the capital of West Bengal, the eastern state of India.What greets you the moment you step into the streets of Kolkata are the hopelessly intimidating throngs of people everywhere, so much so that you almost always feel as if you are in some political meeting!!!The streets are loaded with buses, three wheelers, vans and countless number of yellow cabs all so diligently spewing acrimonious pollutants into the air, that your eyes start watering copiously the moment fumes from vehicle exhaust pipes hits your face.Despite these short comings, the city does have a plethora of great restaurants notable among them being those on Park Street.If ever you happen to be there do try out the Chinese fare coughed up by the likes of Mainland China, Tung Fong and Marco Polo, the kebabs and biryanis served by Flame and Grill and the yummy deserts of KC Das.For the best cakes and bread in town try Flurys, though be wary of what you pay for and what you get.Some billed items may not finally be delivered to you.

The people of Kolkata are very frugal about spending on their commute within the city.Its a common sight to find people ganging up and sharing a cab ride.I got into one such cab, wanting to check out the local transportation.The fare was fixed at 0.4 cents and a passenger was hell bent on paying only .3 cents, a scuffle broke out and then lo behold the guy pulls a gun from behind his back!!!I tried to get out of the cab but couldn't because of the car parked right next to the cab.Somehow managed to jump out of the car, and boy did I run for my life and thank god I was in comfortable boots.For the life of me, I'm not going anywhere near those cabs again!!!

Now on the shopping front, well being a developing country there isn't much in terms of fashion, though the city is home to some eminent designers like Satya Paul, Sabyasachi Mukerjee and Dev R Nil.The shoe freak that I am, I decided to check out what the city had to offer for my pretty feet.There were a lot of local brands like Inc, Catwalk etc but unfortunately you cannot wear a single piece of them for more than 2 minutes.The best shoe shop that I could find was the good old Bata selling some stylish shoes at reasonable pieces, apart from GUESS which sells pieces from their previous seasons at exorbitant prices, what is street fashion in America and Europe is high end fashion in India.The clothes were all poorly cut and nothing worth mentioning about.

Verdict:Go if you must experience dirt, grime and hordes of people everywhere!!! Definitely not a place for a fashionista!!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

To Sir, with Love

Thats what the French government would have thought when they decided to appoint our quirky, eccentric, fashion boy as the chevalier of the French Legion of Honor.As to all the non-French curious minds who raise an eyebrow on the meaning of all this, the order was established by Napoleon Bonaparte in 1802 to recognize unusual military and government service. It is divided into five grades: Grand-Croix (Grand Cross), Grand Officier (Grand Officer), Commandeur (Commander), Officier (Officer) and Chevalier (Knight). Galliano was awarded the Chevalier or Knight class.

P.S:Just wondering whether Galliano is on a special diet loaded with anti oxidants that makes him younger everyday!!!Or is it just the jogging along the Seine river banks thats made ageing turn his back towards him...