Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Night Out...

This spring had been a tough one for you, not only at work trying to keep your job but also on the personal front, frantically despairing to lose all the winter weight gained by indifferently giving in to plum puddings, roasted turkeys and endless bottles of wine.And after the New Year party, you were, all tired, depressed, bloated and heavier by 15 pounds.You stepped on the weighing scale innumerable times, just hoping that the scales might be a bit too hard on you, but the truth was out there, the time to pay for the gluttonous sins committed during the holiday week of Christmas and New Year.You thought of all the new clothes that lay unworn, and that by now are a cool three sizes too small from you, tears well up in your eyes but after momentarily giving in to melancholy, you rebound with determination to melt those extra pounds before the sun got brighter and people basked by the sea, letting the salty air play their hair, in a season called summer.

You gave up on junk, meticulously shopped fresh fruits and vegetables every single day on your way back from work, cooked your own food, counted calories and every morning ran by the Seine river with a regularity that could be likened to the rising of the sun, and now three months later you pride yourself not only for the lost pounds but also for your determination in achieving what you wanted to, you feel you can surmount any obstacle, conquer any mountain, oh what it feels to be light as a feather and fit as a fiddle!!And just when you couldn't wait any longer to show off your toned body, in drops an invite from your friend for an evening of fun at the newly opened club.What better excuse have you got to flash those leggings which now accentuate your lean long legs?

As opposed to the usual LBD that would be spotted on you on such occasions, you decide to blend in a little white into the black that you normally wear at night!! While not exactly a conservative when it comes to dressing, you still feel a bit shaky about those "x-ray" print leggings and decide to show just a tad bit of it by covering it with a long monochrome tunic on top and black over-the-knee boots at the bottom.You neutralise your monochrome clothes by blacking out on accessories, for you still want black to be the dominant color of the evening.Finally you up your funkiness quotient by wearing a hexagonal cuff watch in black and finish the look with a black clutch embellished with golden grommets, and do I need to say which way heads turn when you walk down the street!! Did I hear someone whistle "Downtown Girl"??

P.S:Just a small note of caution - the leggings shown above work best on tall girls with slender thighs, as the vertical plane of the thigh is cut horizontally where the boots meet the thighs owing to the boots being in a much darker color than the leggings, creating an illusion of a shorter, stumpier thigh, to avoid that substitute the skeleton print leggings with black leggings to create an illusion of long endless legs.

Mad about the look? Emulate it as follows:

Monday, May 18, 2009

What's in your bag?

What seems to be an innocuous question, seemingly doesn't evoke a straight forward reply, at least not when subjected to the wild imagination of John Galliano!! John plays doubting Thomas and adds a naughty twist as to the contents of a women's bag to an extent that one almost believes the bag to be a holder of sinister secrets which her better half would certainly regret to chance upon!! He muses "It is part of their charm, their secret weapon. Who knows what’s in there — keys, wallet, phone. That is all to be expected. Who’s to say what door that spare key opens; why she has her passport tucked in when she’s only going up the road and whose phone number she has scrawled on the back of an envelope . . . I love the unknown — and the what might be.”

If John is to be believed, then its not just good manners that should hinder a man from opening a woman's, especially his woman's bag! Well as for the contents of my bag, all I can say is that if John did peep in he would be very disappointed, for spare keys he would certainly find that to his utter dismay opens only my closet, the passport tucked in, serving as a mere identity proof and as for the number scribbled on a decrepit paper and peeping out of the bag's inner pocket, well that just belongs to an old man who sells fruits in Bastille, whom I promised to call to ascertain whether the kiwis that I had so badly wanted for so long have finally arrived.

So whatever is in there, we have a convincing explanation for it all, and if men do put us through fire by their uncouth act of demanding an explanation for each of the precious possessions in our bag, we would emerge a saint, unscathed!! And John, just a word of advice, please look for your Hitchcokian mystery elsewhere!!

Image Source:www.style.com

Monday, May 11, 2009

A Glamorous Evening...

Its not everyday that you decide to get glamorous, and when you do, you have stirred up a tornado!! Shake off the laxness caused by a weekend of relative inactivity by dressing in bright fuchsia, the color of Spring 2009, from head to toe, don't worry there can never be too much of pink on you!! Break in an embellished python clutch in multicolored hues of turquoise to neutralise the bright fuchsia.Finally polish off your look with some statement jewellery in mild hues and rest assured that you are the envy of the town!!

Relish the glamorous idea? Replicate the look..

1.Notte by Marchesa Strapless silk ruffle dressicon

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

John Galliano and his muse...

Costume Institute Gala held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, saw a galaxy of designers walk the Red Carpet with their model "dates" to deliberate the "Model As Muse" theme.Seen here is John Galliano, dressed in a shimmering grey suit with draw pants and silvery shoes giving it a powered effect, with his "date" Marion Cotillard(she being the current brand ambassador for Christian Dior made her the obvious choice to accompany John).The event on the whole drew varied reactions; while some decried it as a vulgar display of ostentatious luxury given the state of the economy others were too embroiled in "Who wore what" or rather "Who should have worn what" debates.The event had its share of controversies in the form of Azzedine Alaïa's exclusion from it which snowballed into his muses Stephanie Seymour and Naomi Campbell skipping it as a mark of protest!! Do we feel the hand of Anna Wintour somewhere? And finally, $7500 would have made you part of the guest list and an even more generous $250,000 would have seen you share the dinner table with the fashion gods!!

Image Source:www.zimbio.com

Costume Institute Gala - Eye Poppers !!

I have been flooded with queries about my take on the "Costume Institute Gala" event, the best dressed, worst dressed, whether Madonna should have turned up sans the bunny ears, was Kate Moss really working her golden turban, why Victoria Beckham turned up in what looked like a cleverly wrapped dotted curtain, and would anyone really wear Stella McCartney's lacy jumpsuit, so on and so forth!! First of all thanks to my readers for considering my opinion valuable enough for their consideration, I cannot express enough how much that means to me.

Now talking about the event in question and my silence regarding it, well all I can say is that it was the "Mother of all Red Carpets Events" which saw the entire fashion fraternity right from the makers(fashion designers) to the shakers(Hollywood A-listers) on the same platform.The whole event can be likened to that of the "Big bang" where the totality of the event is too significant to focus on the intricate details, hence my reticence regarding the event's players.

That said, the persistent demands of my readers not withstanding, seceded me into picking the "stand outs"(in the positive sense of course) of the night.I found Marion Cotillard's understated elegance expressed via a nude well fitted dress, contrasting with Alek Wek's short violet hooped dress to be the real eye poppers!!

So long to designers and their muses aka the models!!

Image Source:www.zimbio.com

Marc Jacob says...

“I like this ritual of being in the bathroom, using skincare products…choosing what skirt to wear.”

And we all thought that only girls are fussy dressers!!

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Monday, May 4, 2009

A City Girl

This season you aren't wearing denim if it ain't ripped!!After seeing a lot of Hollywood A- listers embrace this trend fervently with great gusto, its about time that you too hopped the "distressed denim" bandwagon and send across the message that you are strong enough to endure any hardship that assails you in these tough times.Dressing smart during recessionary times is less about pulling a double shift and more about getting the basics right.Invest in a few basic pieces like a plain cotton tee(shown above), a good pair of denims and juggle it with scarves, blazers or over sized chains to create a variety of looks without really making a colossal dent in your wallet.As I have always said, a little bit of wit, mixed with oodles of creativity and seasoned with a dash of playfulness can make you look a million bucks without actually spending that much.

On a lazy Sunday morning when you cannot be bothered to dress up elaborately, especially after a late night of hysterical screaming and jumping at the Lady Gaga concert, and yet have to keep a lunch appointment with a girlfriend at college who saved you from a bunch of bullies during your freshman year and who would be in NY for just one more day, throw on a simple black tee and a ripped denim, and add an element of relaxed sophistication in the form of a fringed scarf and some delicious high heels.Also don't forget that big tote bag, in case you decide to do some impulsive shopping on your way back home after a sumptuous lunch mingled with old memories...

Like the look ? Replicate it this way:

1.Maje Fringed cotton scarficon

2.James Perse Cotton long sleeve T-shirt icon

3.Current/Elliott The Boyfriend jeansicon

4.Giuseppe Zanotti Platform gladiator sandals icon

5.Marni Medium leather balloon toteicon

(Left to Right) Heidi Klum, Jessica Alba, Fergie,Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Alba,Nicky Hilton

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