Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Night Out...

This spring had been a tough one for you, not only at work trying to keep your job but also on the personal front, frantically despairing to lose all the winter weight gained by indifferently giving in to plum puddings, roasted turkeys and endless bottles of wine.And after the New Year party, you were, all tired, depressed, bloated and heavier by 15 pounds.You stepped on the weighing scale innumerable times, just hoping that the scales might be a bit too hard on you, but the truth was out there, the time to pay for the gluttonous sins committed during the holiday week of Christmas and New Year.You thought of all the new clothes that lay unworn, and that by now are a cool three sizes too small from you, tears well up in your eyes but after momentarily giving in to melancholy, you rebound with determination to melt those extra pounds before the sun got brighter and people basked by the sea, letting the salty air play their hair, in a season called summer.

You gave up on junk, meticulously shopped fresh fruits and vegetables every single day on your way back from work, cooked your own food, counted calories and every morning ran by the Seine river with a regularity that could be likened to the rising of the sun, and now three months later you pride yourself not only for the lost pounds but also for your determination in achieving what you wanted to, you feel you can surmount any obstacle, conquer any mountain, oh what it feels to be light as a feather and fit as a fiddle!!And just when you couldn't wait any longer to show off your toned body, in drops an invite from your friend for an evening of fun at the newly opened club.What better excuse have you got to flash those leggings which now accentuate your lean long legs?

As opposed to the usual LBD that would be spotted on you on such occasions, you decide to blend in a little white into the black that you normally wear at night!! While not exactly a conservative when it comes to dressing, you still feel a bit shaky about those "x-ray" print leggings and decide to show just a tad bit of it by covering it with a long monochrome tunic on top and black over-the-knee boots at the bottom.You neutralise your monochrome clothes by blacking out on accessories, for you still want black to be the dominant color of the evening.Finally you up your funkiness quotient by wearing a hexagonal cuff watch in black and finish the look with a black clutch embellished with golden grommets, and do I need to say which way heads turn when you walk down the street!! Did I hear someone whistle "Downtown Girl"??

P.S:Just a small note of caution - the leggings shown above work best on tall girls with slender thighs, as the vertical plane of the thigh is cut horizontally where the boots meet the thighs owing to the boots being in a much darker color than the leggings, creating an illusion of a shorter, stumpier thigh, to avoid that substitute the skeleton print leggings with black leggings to create an illusion of long endless legs.

Mad about the look? Emulate it as follows:

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