Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Costume Institute Gala - Eye Poppers !!

I have been flooded with queries about my take on the "Costume Institute Gala" event, the best dressed, worst dressed, whether Madonna should have turned up sans the bunny ears, was Kate Moss really working her golden turban, why Victoria Beckham turned up in what looked like a cleverly wrapped dotted curtain, and would anyone really wear Stella McCartney's lacy jumpsuit, so on and so forth!! First of all thanks to my readers for considering my opinion valuable enough for their consideration, I cannot express enough how much that means to me.

Now talking about the event in question and my silence regarding it, well all I can say is that it was the "Mother of all Red Carpets Events" which saw the entire fashion fraternity right from the makers(fashion designers) to the shakers(Hollywood A-listers) on the same platform.The whole event can be likened to that of the "Big bang" where the totality of the event is too significant to focus on the intricate details, hence my reticence regarding the event's players.

That said, the persistent demands of my readers not withstanding, seceded me into picking the "stand outs"(in the positive sense of course) of the night.I found Marion Cotillard's understated elegance expressed via a nude well fitted dress, contrasting with Alek Wek's short violet hooped dress to be the real eye poppers!!

So long to designers and their muses aka the models!!

Image Source:www.zimbio.com

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