Monday, May 26, 2008

Readers Ask

Hey fashionpicks,

You have been reviewing some great high end fashion stuff on your blog.Your choice of products is both lustworthy as well as interesting.Its a very informative site too.I have two queries.

1.Why is it that you review only merchandise from high end designers?

2.On what basis do you review items on your blog?

3.I'm looking at fashion ideas for casual as well as evening wear this summer and I'm not in line with the trends of the season.So if you could walk me through a summer wardrobe, I would be much indebted to you.

Would appreciate if you could take some time out of your schedule to answer my queries.


Well this is one of the many queries that I get everyday from readers, questioning me on a myriad of issues right from the most basic ones like the relevance of my blog to everyday fashion to very specific ones like what to wear during a particular season or occasion. I have even got some entirely off the trajectory questions like how to lose weight to fit in a particular dress that I had featured on my blog to desperate pleas on tips to become size zero.So far I have been answering queries on a one on one basis subject to the availability of time.With the passage of time, I saw a clear pattern emerge in concerns that were being addressed to me.I'll try my best to take one query per week and answer them to the best of my ability.

For privacy reasons, I would not be publishing either the name or the email id of the person whose query I'm answering.So girls take you pen and bring out those fashion doubts lingering in the dark abysses of your heart right to the surface.

Well coming back to the letter that needs my attention, let me address the issues piece meal.

1.Why is it that you review only merchandise from high end designers?

There might be a misconception with the audience that it is easy to appear fashionable with the likes of Guiseppe Zannoti, Christain Loubotin etc as your crutch.While that might be true to an extent, the intent to showcase high end fashion by the likes of the mentioned designers is because of the very reason that these are the people who through their ingenious fashion forward ideas dictate the trends for a particular season.It is their designs that percolate to shops selling apparel or accessories for the masses.By being acquainted with high end fashion, one develops a keen eye for fashion and ends up shopping the "right" clothes and shoes instead of running pell mell inside a mall undecided about what to chose from the plethora of options available.
So girls get inspired by the Gods of fashion to make your shopping a heavenly experience!!!

2.On what basis do you review items on your blog?
I try to maintain a healthy balance on reviewing all that could go into your wardrobe though at times I might be a little partial to one particular item say like shoes.In general I look out for sleek designs with some element of novelty in them as fashion is a process of constant self discovery reflecting the see saw of emotions we feel every morning.

3.I'm looking at fashion ideas for casual as well as evening wear this summer and I'm not in line with the trends of the season.So if you could walk me through a summer wardrobe, I would be much indebted to you.

Oops I'm weighed down by this query!!!Just kidding.This is too big a query to be answered in a few lines.Nevertheless, I do intend to write a series of articles on summer dressing.So stay tuned to have a hot hot summer ahead.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Temptingly Bootielicious!!!

Givenchy, founded by designer Hubert de Givenchy in 1952 is a French brand of clothing, accessories, perfumes and cosmetics.Hubert gained reputation for his unique designs and soon found patrons in Audrey Hepburn (who serenaded his dresses in movies like Sabrina, Breakfast At Tiffany's), Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and many other high profile celebrities.Givenchy's clothing line includes both haute couture as well as pret a porter.In 1995 after the retirement of Hubert, the company changed hands many times( including a brief stint by Alexander McQueen as chief designer), till the reins passed on to Riccardo Tisci in 2005.The company is currently owned by the European luxury goods giant LVMH.

There has always been some scepticism about booties.Some people don't find it feminine enough, others have trouble carrying it off, always irked by the feeling of committing a fashion faux pas.Still others would wear them only from an utility point of view like braving heavy torrents of rain or walking on snow.The advent of ankle booties as a fashion accessory has only further complicated things on the "appearing fashionable scene" throwing people into a tizzy. All ye confused souls fear not for in a few moments the Oracle of Delphi(pun intended) will reveal to you all it takes to carry off those booties in aplomb.So cast aside you sandals and brave out in your booties!!

The good thing about the booties featured here is their intense feminine appeal with a whiff of sexiness, exuding an air of extreme fashion consciousness.The open toe adds a naughty peekaboo twist to the otherwise concealed foot.The lace up front with grommet detailing provides a neatly carved sleek silhouette to the bootie and which in turn gets transferred to the feet.

Now comes the important question of "What to wear with ankle booties?"Booties can ideally be paired with skinny jeans with cigarette legs or with short dresses worn with opaque tights matching the color of the booties.The tights and the booties provide a extended vertical plane for the eye creating an illusion of super long slender legs.Unless you are tall enough to walk the ramp(5 feet 10 inches and above) do not wear booties without tights because they will cut the legs at the ankle making them appear short and stumpy.While this might do wonders on a runway model who might want to diminish her height, it will appear ghastly on the not so vertically endowed.

Here are some ideas to make you shake your bootie in confidence.


Saturday, May 17, 2008

Green With Envy

Cesare Paciotti, born to Italian parents who owned a local shoe factory, instilled in him a love for footwear right from a tender age.He was fascinated by anything and everything related to art including music which led him to have a brief stint as a drummer for a band and an ardent fan of bands like The Rolling Stones, The Doors, J.Hendrix and Patty Smith.His passion for arts led him to gain admission in the most renowned college in Italy namely the DAMS in Bologna.His tenure there further refined and strengthened his creative instincts and artistic vein.After his graduation, to further satiate his artistic curiosity, he travelled around the world to cities like New York, Paris, London, Los Angles and Middle East where he focused on prevailing trends and style. Thus armed, he returned to Italy to take over his family business(renamed the to CESARE PACIOTTI) and put to fruition all that he had learned so far.He revolutionised men's footwear through his fashion forward designs brought out as a result of unparalleled creativity and rigorous craftsmanship, thus making him a name to reckon with in the high fashion industry.Since then there has been no looking back and his creative passions have reached the zenith, through his latest footwear collection for women.His collections for women focus on very high heels and precious gems to bring out a glamorous "la donna".

The summer collection is consistent in showcasing bold colors and this pair is no exception.Green exterior, red interior and a mirror finished golden platform and high heels makes this pair an absolute stunner.This season the focus seems to be on muted colors for dresses and bold colors for your shoes.Accessories seem to take the center stage and as long as one is wearing shoes like these who cares???The pair offers a very sexy silhouette and being in d'Orshay style gives your feet maximum exposure.So ladies, put your "fresh" feet forward and jazz up a romantic evening.

Wear the shoes with a pale layered dress to synchronise your look with a sultry summer evening.

Fendi Silk Petal Dress


Thursday, May 15, 2008

Crayons Metamorphised into Shoes!!!

Claudio Merazzi Women's CM616 Dress Sandal

Claudio Merazzi seems to have the perfect answer for spring summer shoes.He has given us the opportunity of wearing all the bright summer colors of teal, lime, hot pink, orange and purple all at one go.The shoe has colors splashed everywhere, right from the vibrant suede uppers exhibited in a delicate ribbon design, to the purple insole.The narrow tall two tone heel in white and brown completes the color scheme giving us a delectable summer shoe. Show off your freshly pedicured feet in these open toe shoes which offers minimal coverage for feet.

A funny, flirty and sensuous shoe that can dramatise a pale dress like the one below into a hot summer outfit making everyone on the dance floor gravitate towards you.


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Where's The Party Tonight?

Miu Miu is a pret a porter line from the acclaimed fashion house Prada.It was founded by Miuccia Prada and focuses on stylish designs executed in fine materials and is more affordable compared to Prada.

I had a frantic call from a friend of mine asking me to suggest her a shoe for a special night out this Saturday.While I had put this request in the back burner assuming that Saturday is still eons away, last night she had hammered me into making the task of suggesting a shoe for her my top priority.While friends and their idiosyncrasies require a separate post in itself, I set about the task in hand keeping in mind all her requirements, namely, the shoe must be a shoe stopper, should be in tune with the summer trends( implying bold unusual colors and detailed heels) with some classiness thrown in.Oops!!!Am I to transmogrify myself into a cobbler to make such a shoe??Nope, not until the shoes featured here are in existence.

These pair of shoes is your perfect partner to any high class party.The color palette of the shoes is unique in its creative choice of bold colors.On end of the spectrum, we have a vibrant deep fluorescent green color and on the other end, a bright yellow patterned python skin.But the surprise lies in the muted gray that lies in the middle of the spectrum, solidly balancing the two bold colors of green and yellow and in the process bringing out the richness of both the colors in panache.The color scheme is further extended to the gem embellished heels painted in harmony with the colors on the shoe.

Team these shoes either with monochromatic dresses in colors fearured in the shoes or with contrasting colors.

Monday, May 12, 2008

One, Two, Buckle My Shoe

Dolce & Gabbana, a world renowned fashion house started by the Italian designers Domenico Dolce and Stefeno Gabbana, runs two central lines namely Dolce&Gabbana, specialising in luxury items that are formal and timeless following long term trends as opposed to their other line D&G, which is urban inspired and more casual and has the speciality of setting trends rather than following them.

It can be easily guessed from the design of these shoes that they belong to the D&G line.Buckles are a big trend this season and I have spotted buckles in all sizes right from huge buckles covering the entire vamp to small ones covering the toes and ankle.But never have I seen teeny tiny buckles on the side of a shoe, at least not before seeing these shoes.The thin strappy cage shoes get lifted to the pedestal of high fashion with the buckles placed in loops.The open toe front and the strappy buckles provide minimal coverage for the foot, thereby creating an interesting silhouette.

Wearing the pair with a white dress with just a hint of black, balances out the intense black color of the shoes creating a very vibrant yet classy look.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Flat Is Fashionable

Tapeet, is a line of fashion forward shoes characterised by decorative hardware and attention seeking stones, from Vicini, the company owned by Giuseppe Zannoti, a genius in spurning creative shoe designs.

A fashionable flat thong is very tricky to pick up since it lacks the sexy silhouette offered by high heels and has only the vamp to showcase its prettiness.This pair of thongs wins the "Miss Summer Flat Thong" title with panache what with its big tumbled stones in odd shapes and bright colors of purple, blue and olive green decorating the vamp and accentuating the olive green knotted straps.This pair offers comfort without compromising on style.Pair it with a denim shorts and a monochromatic tee for the most stylish summer look.And don't forget to give a sly smile to your sisters on the street struggling to match steps with you in their high heels.Wicked isn't it!!!!!


Thursday, May 1, 2008

Turquoise Married Purple To Produce Elegance

Etro, founded by Gimmo Etro in the 1960s has always been a pioneer in showcasing fine original fibers in elegant designs and chic colors.This philosophy is still upheld by the company which always surprises with its ingenious combination of materials and techniques turning an apparently crazy idea into an elegantly executed piece of art.

The silk sandal featured here is no exception, in terms of the novelty with regard to fusing a tropical wild print with bright colored beads.The Etro design team has again proved that even the most unique combination of materials dangerously standing on the precipice of tackiness, can, with an iota of creativity, be churned into a highly fashionable shoe.Who but Etro could have imagined that printed silk cloth and some beads in odd shapes and bright colors are all it takes to make a lust worthy shoe?The stone shaped indigo bead in center skillfully balances the orange and turquoise circular beads at both ends to create a harmonious union of colors in addition to a uniquely detailed T-strap.The brightness radiated by the beads is softly neutralised by the flawless blending of purple and turquoise in the printed silk that covers the vamp, the sole and the heel ending in a seductive knot around the ankle.The bold infusion of colors makes this pair ideal for summer wear.

Team the pair of shoes with a white tiered dress to make it the ensemble of the season.