Thursday, May 15, 2008

Crayons Metamorphised into Shoes!!!

Claudio Merazzi Women's CM616 Dress Sandal

Claudio Merazzi seems to have the perfect answer for spring summer shoes.He has given us the opportunity of wearing all the bright summer colors of teal, lime, hot pink, orange and purple all at one go.The shoe has colors splashed everywhere, right from the vibrant suede uppers exhibited in a delicate ribbon design, to the purple insole.The narrow tall two tone heel in white and brown completes the color scheme giving us a delectable summer shoe. Show off your freshly pedicured feet in these open toe shoes which offers minimal coverage for feet.

A funny, flirty and sensuous shoe that can dramatise a pale dress like the one below into a hot summer outfit making everyone on the dance floor gravitate towards you.


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