Thursday, May 1, 2008

Turquoise Married Purple To Produce Elegance

Etro, founded by Gimmo Etro in the 1960s has always been a pioneer in showcasing fine original fibers in elegant designs and chic colors.This philosophy is still upheld by the company which always surprises with its ingenious combination of materials and techniques turning an apparently crazy idea into an elegantly executed piece of art.

The silk sandal featured here is no exception, in terms of the novelty with regard to fusing a tropical wild print with bright colored beads.The Etro design team has again proved that even the most unique combination of materials dangerously standing on the precipice of tackiness, can, with an iota of creativity, be churned into a highly fashionable shoe.Who but Etro could have imagined that printed silk cloth and some beads in odd shapes and bright colors are all it takes to make a lust worthy shoe?The stone shaped indigo bead in center skillfully balances the orange and turquoise circular beads at both ends to create a harmonious union of colors in addition to a uniquely detailed T-strap.The brightness radiated by the beads is softly neutralised by the flawless blending of purple and turquoise in the printed silk that covers the vamp, the sole and the heel ending in a seductive knot around the ankle.The bold infusion of colors makes this pair ideal for summer wear.

Team the pair of shoes with a white tiered dress to make it the ensemble of the season.

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