Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Flat Is Fashionable

Tapeet, is a line of fashion forward shoes characterised by decorative hardware and attention seeking stones, from Vicini, the company owned by Giuseppe Zannoti, a genius in spurning creative shoe designs.

A fashionable flat thong is very tricky to pick up since it lacks the sexy silhouette offered by high heels and has only the vamp to showcase its prettiness.This pair of thongs wins the "Miss Summer Flat Thong" title with panache what with its big tumbled stones in odd shapes and bright colors of purple, blue and olive green decorating the vamp and accentuating the olive green knotted straps.This pair offers comfort without compromising on style.Pair it with a denim shorts and a monochromatic tee for the most stylish summer look.And don't forget to give a sly smile to your sisters on the street struggling to match steps with you in their high heels.Wicked isn't it!!!!!


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