Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Where's The Party Tonight?

Miu Miu is a pret a porter line from the acclaimed fashion house Prada.It was founded by Miuccia Prada and focuses on stylish designs executed in fine materials and is more affordable compared to Prada.

I had a frantic call from a friend of mine asking me to suggest her a shoe for a special night out this Saturday.While I had put this request in the back burner assuming that Saturday is still eons away, last night she had hammered me into making the task of suggesting a shoe for her my top priority.While friends and their idiosyncrasies require a separate post in itself, I set about the task in hand keeping in mind all her requirements, namely, the shoe must be a shoe stopper, should be in tune with the summer trends( implying bold unusual colors and detailed heels) with some classiness thrown in.Oops!!!Am I to transmogrify myself into a cobbler to make such a shoe??Nope, not until the shoes featured here are in existence.

These pair of shoes is your perfect partner to any high class party.The color palette of the shoes is unique in its creative choice of bold colors.On end of the spectrum, we have a vibrant deep fluorescent green color and on the other end, a bright yellow patterned python skin.But the surprise lies in the muted gray that lies in the middle of the spectrum, solidly balancing the two bold colors of green and yellow and in the process bringing out the richness of both the colors in panache.The color scheme is further extended to the gem embellished heels painted in harmony with the colors on the shoe.

Team these shoes either with monochromatic dresses in colors fearured in the shoes or with contrasting colors.

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