Saturday, May 17, 2008

Green With Envy

Cesare Paciotti, born to Italian parents who owned a local shoe factory, instilled in him a love for footwear right from a tender age.He was fascinated by anything and everything related to art including music which led him to have a brief stint as a drummer for a band and an ardent fan of bands like The Rolling Stones, The Doors, J.Hendrix and Patty Smith.His passion for arts led him to gain admission in the most renowned college in Italy namely the DAMS in Bologna.His tenure there further refined and strengthened his creative instincts and artistic vein.After his graduation, to further satiate his artistic curiosity, he travelled around the world to cities like New York, Paris, London, Los Angles and Middle East where he focused on prevailing trends and style. Thus armed, he returned to Italy to take over his family business(renamed the to CESARE PACIOTTI) and put to fruition all that he had learned so far.He revolutionised men's footwear through his fashion forward designs brought out as a result of unparalleled creativity and rigorous craftsmanship, thus making him a name to reckon with in the high fashion industry.Since then there has been no looking back and his creative passions have reached the zenith, through his latest footwear collection for women.His collections for women focus on very high heels and precious gems to bring out a glamorous "la donna".

The summer collection is consistent in showcasing bold colors and this pair is no exception.Green exterior, red interior and a mirror finished golden platform and high heels makes this pair an absolute stunner.This season the focus seems to be on muted colors for dresses and bold colors for your shoes.Accessories seem to take the center stage and as long as one is wearing shoes like these who cares???The pair offers a very sexy silhouette and being in d'Orshay style gives your feet maximum exposure.So ladies, put your "fresh" feet forward and jazz up a romantic evening.

Wear the shoes with a pale layered dress to synchronise your look with a sultry summer evening.

Fendi Silk Petal Dress


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