Sunday, June 29, 2008

Gladiator Of Comfort

Leather T-Strap Sandal, Giuseppe Zanotti

Giuseppe Zanotti has run for colors while designing these flats ideal for a summery stroll in the park after spending long hours at the museum on a Sunday.Of late, a lot of designers are spurning out cute flats transitioning them from their grandmotherly image(read to worn by people physically incapable of wearing high heels) to a more youthful and vibrant one.The fact that quite a few celebrities have taken to flats as a means of offsetting their height difference with their not so vertically endowed partners, only helps flats in becoming all the more trendy and hip.The lack of a lean silhouette offered by high heels is more than compensated by the colossal comfort and freedom of movement offered by flats.Now, with designs like these, one can have the comfort afforded by flats without compromising on style since one can never escape the requirement of flats on days when one's feet scream for mercy.

For all those who want to confirm to this season's gladiator style but are a tad shy to wear them all laced up and high, covering most of your calf, this flat is a welcome respite, for its a "conservative" gladiator in the sense that it just covers the foot.Add to this, the play of colors and voila you have for yourself the perfect spring/summer flats.The colors too are very muted and subdued going well with a mellowed-down-yet-so-chic look.

This sandal will come a full circle when paired with a white or black dress with a little bit of embroidery thrown in to break the monotony and usher in seductive feminine freshness.

Left:JWLA For Johnny Was Pamela Embroidered Sundress


Thursday, June 26, 2008

Colored Shards of Fashion

Polyester Clutches, Emilio Pucci

Emilio Pucci popularly termed as "Prints Charming" is famed for their clothes and accessories in kaleidoscopic geometric prints.One has to take a look at their designs to fully grasp the aesthetics that is possible through their ingeniously designed prints.This clutch is a welcome detour from their prints, and it still maintains the high standards of creativity that one usually associates with a Pucci.Unlike printed fabrics that make many colors work in unison, these clutches are elegant despite being in monochromes.They give the appearance of little asymmetric shards of colored glass stuck together on a clutch, giving the clutch an unique one of a kind look.Usually clutches are associated with a classy elegance associated with formal dinners and cocktail parties and their designs too are mostly of a conservative nature, throwing very few surprises in terms of ingenuity.These clutches are a class apart for they breathe a gush of youthful freshness conveying an air of peppiness and eccentricity all so pleasantly wrapped together.With these clutches you are bound to be noticed for how differently you can carve your place in the niche world of fashion!!!

Make these clutches stand out by contrasting them with light colored silk dresses.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Dance With Me, Baby!

Jimmy Choo Tully leather sandals

Jimmy Choo sends my heart fluttering with these terrific pair of evening sandals.The gold detailing on the black leather glamorises the shoes by a ton.The glamour extends further into a golden sole and a contrasting gold panel on a square heel.The shape of the heel makes the heel stand out and accessorise the sandal.If only Cinderella had set her eyes on this pair, then there is little doubt that she would have worn anything else to the ball.The pair adds an interesting twist to any cocktail dress.The base of the heel is large enough to give you adequate support on a night you might want to dance away.Though you might be tempted to pair it with a little black dress or an outfit that is predominantly black, this is one pair of sandals that makes me get naughty with the colors.Pairing them with light monochromes creates a beautiful contrast that would never go unnoticed.Go ahead girl and dance the night away!!!

Glamorize the evening with these dresses to go with the sandals.


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Casually Chic

Giuseppe Zanotti E7302(Denim/Pewter)

Giuseppe Zanotti's shoes never fail to impress and this one is no exception.I like the shoes for the elegance that they seem to exude through their simplicity, a welcome break from all the glamorous shoes one has been so accustomed to see so far.Another scoring point for the shoes is their muted colors which can do an excellent job in grounding neons and fluorescents, letting you wear dresses in bold colors unlike many of the other spring shoes that come in such bright colors that one is forced to pair them with dresses in muted colors.The materials of which the shoe is made of, beautifully complement each other, the pewter leather upper adding a whiff of glam by breaking the monotony of the denim and the wooden stacked heel delicately balancing the whole color scheme and polishing off a clean look.I cannot think of a better shoe to wear on those casual Fridays at work or on a lazy Sunday afternoon shopping spree.

Pairing the shoes with a white or a bright colored dress can do wonders for your effortless-yet-so-chic look.

Left:Tracy Reese Eyelet Dress
Right:MARC by Marc Jacobs Maydie Jersey Dress


Saturday, June 21, 2008

March On High Fashion

Cesare Paciotti continues to impress us with his fashion forward designs more so with his boots for the fall collection.Vibrant colors from the spring/summer collection seem to be spilling over the fall collection as well.Keeping up with this trend the monochrome black boots seem to have gracefully given way to brocade boots in hot pink and violet color.The differentiators that work well for this boot are the faux ankle band and the little pink coverage for the heel that so perfectly creates the illusion of a person wearing pink stiletto heeled shoes with violet and gold brocaded stockings.This unique design adds oodles of oomph and instantly ups the style quotient of the wearer.Imagine, walking on Champs-Elysées with the snowflakes gently kissing you, while on your way to a cocktail party, clad in a little black dress and these brocaded boots!!!What more do you require to turn on the heat and bring monstrous cheer to the children of the ageing snow mother!!!

Pair the boots with a black and white dress to transform a serious cocktail dress into a feisty one perfectly aligned with your hot wild side.

Oscar de la Renta Silk Crepe Black Dress


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Summer Fashion Trends In Paris

These photos were taken in Champs-Élysées and Printemps in Paris.