Thursday, June 26, 2008

Colored Shards of Fashion

Polyester Clutches, Emilio Pucci

Emilio Pucci popularly termed as "Prints Charming" is famed for their clothes and accessories in kaleidoscopic geometric prints.One has to take a look at their designs to fully grasp the aesthetics that is possible through their ingeniously designed prints.This clutch is a welcome detour from their prints, and it still maintains the high standards of creativity that one usually associates with a Pucci.Unlike printed fabrics that make many colors work in unison, these clutches are elegant despite being in monochromes.They give the appearance of little asymmetric shards of colored glass stuck together on a clutch, giving the clutch an unique one of a kind look.Usually clutches are associated with a classy elegance associated with formal dinners and cocktail parties and their designs too are mostly of a conservative nature, throwing very few surprises in terms of ingenuity.These clutches are a class apart for they breathe a gush of youthful freshness conveying an air of peppiness and eccentricity all so pleasantly wrapped together.With these clutches you are bound to be noticed for how differently you can carve your place in the niche world of fashion!!!

Make these clutches stand out by contrasting them with light colored silk dresses.

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