Saturday, June 21, 2008

March On High Fashion

Cesare Paciotti continues to impress us with his fashion forward designs more so with his boots for the fall collection.Vibrant colors from the spring/summer collection seem to be spilling over the fall collection as well.Keeping up with this trend the monochrome black boots seem to have gracefully given way to brocade boots in hot pink and violet color.The differentiators that work well for this boot are the faux ankle band and the little pink coverage for the heel that so perfectly creates the illusion of a person wearing pink stiletto heeled shoes with violet and gold brocaded stockings.This unique design adds oodles of oomph and instantly ups the style quotient of the wearer.Imagine, walking on Champs-Elysées with the snowflakes gently kissing you, while on your way to a cocktail party, clad in a little black dress and these brocaded boots!!!What more do you require to turn on the heat and bring monstrous cheer to the children of the ageing snow mother!!!

Pair the boots with a black and white dress to transform a serious cocktail dress into a feisty one perfectly aligned with your hot wild side.

Oscar de la Renta Silk Crepe Black Dress


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