Sunday, June 29, 2008

Gladiator Of Comfort

Leather T-Strap Sandal, Giuseppe Zanotti

Giuseppe Zanotti has run for colors while designing these flats ideal for a summery stroll in the park after spending long hours at the museum on a Sunday.Of late, a lot of designers are spurning out cute flats transitioning them from their grandmotherly image(read to worn by people physically incapable of wearing high heels) to a more youthful and vibrant one.The fact that quite a few celebrities have taken to flats as a means of offsetting their height difference with their not so vertically endowed partners, only helps flats in becoming all the more trendy and hip.The lack of a lean silhouette offered by high heels is more than compensated by the colossal comfort and freedom of movement offered by flats.Now, with designs like these, one can have the comfort afforded by flats without compromising on style since one can never escape the requirement of flats on days when one's feet scream for mercy.

For all those who want to confirm to this season's gladiator style but are a tad shy to wear them all laced up and high, covering most of your calf, this flat is a welcome respite, for its a "conservative" gladiator in the sense that it just covers the foot.Add to this, the play of colors and voila you have for yourself the perfect spring/summer flats.The colors too are very muted and subdued going well with a mellowed-down-yet-so-chic look.

This sandal will come a full circle when paired with a white or black dress with a little bit of embroidery thrown in to break the monotony and usher in seductive feminine freshness.

Left:JWLA For Johnny Was Pamela Embroidered Sundress


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