Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Reader's Ask

Hey FashionPicks,

I'm off to Paris on a short official visit and will be there for just one week.On my previous visit to Paris I just had time to browse the shops in Champs-Élysées and was bowled over by the mind boggling luxury I was surrounded by.With shoes and bags retailing at more than €1000 was forced to come home empty handed much to the disappointment of my beloved wife.This time around I want to gift her a cute handbag from a French brand which is affordable to me i.e between €100 to €200 range.Can you please suggest me something?
Thanks in advance.

There is nothing nobler than helping a man in distress(pun intended) especially in "womanly matters".Those poor creatures called Men slave it away in office enduring unspeakable "corporate tortures" to bring some cheer to their beloved ones.Though they might solve the toughest puzzles in the most ingenious ways conceivable yet they are baffled when it comes to understanding why their dainty pretty creatures called Women measure love in terms of the number of shoes and handbags gifted to them.The GODS of FASHION display their work at Champs-Élysées and isn't it not justified that a piece of GOD should be priceless and only a select few can attain the FASHION nirvana though their tireless acquisition of those teeny tiny green bits of paper called Euros?But the good news is that fashion is just a state of mind reflecting your response to the socioemotional stimulus encumbering upon you.Being fashionable is not just restricted to those with a fat purse.

Since you are having a short stay in Paris I would suggest you to go to Les Galeries Lafayette, which is a big mall that would suffice all your shopping needs.You are lucky to go at a time when the Summer Sale is happening in Paris.So be sure to get all the goodies that you wanted at 50% discount.Since you have not mentioned the occasion(day or evening) on which the handbag will be used , I have put together a choice of bags covering all occasions.The bags are by Arthur & Aston, makers of stylish handbags in the price range that you have mentioned.

Image Source:www.arthur-aston.com

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