Saturday, July 5, 2008

Yellow So Mellow

I was floating over sunflower fields, the bees busy buzzing over my head, pollinating the flowers, which were gently bidding their "Bonjour" to the sun.The scene was so fresh and pure and just when I was bending a stalk and reaching for a sunflower, I heard a rude screeching of tyres behind me.I looked down at my feet with a slight grin on my face and there was this pretty pair of yellow shoes that inspired the "Sunflower reverie" in the middle of a busy road on a busy Friday morning.What with all the embellished, exotic, multi-colored and heel detailed shoes done to death, this pair comes as the virgin calm after a tempestuous night.A bright yellow to elevate you to the "Saturday Morning" mood and a simple cut on the side is all it takes to look simply chic!!!Go ahead and bring some sunshine on your feet.


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