Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Readers Ask

This is what Emily, our last week's winner of Whose Baby Am I? contest wanted to know.

Hi Fashionpicks,
I'm looking for a multi colored shoe to complement my light colored dresses in shades of white, green, gray, yellow etc With the coming of fall I would like to experiment with pale colors for my clothes but I want my shoes to reflect the autumn hues, essaying all the colors found in a tree with yellowing leaves.Can you find one such shoe?

If only the likes of Claude Monet and Gustave Caillebotte had made shoes instead of paintings then you would have had a whole closet of shoes to choose from, for your "dream shoe" draws a huge parallel with the impressionist style of painting, big bold brush strokes in bright colors rhyming with nature.Well since these painters, remained painters for the rest of their lives we have to look towards our SHOE GODS to see whether they can satisfy our dear Emily with their creations.And when I spotted this pair by Giuseppe Zanotti, my belief in the Gods only got strengthened!!!

Giuseppe Zanotti I86207

A perfect blend of autumn colors, the pleated front and the peep toe are more than enough reasons why this is a must have shoe this season.For all you shoe lovers, who have liked the hues on the shoe but would prefer a bootie instead, you are not out of luck for there is one in bootie version too.

Giuseppe Zanotti I87039

Image Source:www.zappos.com

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