Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Layered Fantasy

Lambskin Slipper Shoe, Junko Shimada

This fall, make yourself the Becky Sharp of Vanity Fair, for, its grandeur and eloquence shining bright on shoes, that are screaming their way to attention."Bigger The Better" seems to be the mantra for accessories this season.Vibrant colors still rule the roost, so your LBD might be excused only if you team it up with vibrant multicolored shoes.Spring brought in bright colors in a mishmash way, no single color requiring to standout.Fall on the contrary, despite continuing its flirtation with colors, makes every single color stand out and wants the fusion of colors to happen in your mind.

In case the sight of this Junko Shimada shoe scares the wit out of you, and makes you wonder how you would wear them, fear not, for here are few photos from their fashion show, enough to make you lust for them.


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