Monday, July 14, 2008

Monday Morning Purples

Oh Boy!!its a Monday, another week, another battle and a presentation deadline, just doesn't make it any better for your poor depressed spirits.You look out from your bed and find the first gentle drops of rain on the panes tattering your soul much like your boss' non stop cribbing about rising oil prices and a flattening and not so flattering bottom line urging you to roll up your sleeves and row harder towards the seemingly impossible target he has set for you.Your world all of a sudden is black and you want to cry like the candy denied kid, your tears in perfect harmony with nature's.The passing away of a bright feisty summer and the gentle arrival of fall makes you sick at the thought of having to kiss away all those bright hues of lime green and fuchsia and embrace the soft mellowed colors resplendent of the season.With these thoughts weighing down on you, you trudge mechanically to work when all of a sudden something bright erases your unhappiness and elevates you to ecstasy.Sitting by the Dior shop window, this pretty platform much like a Spinx that has risen from ashes has given you new hopes of life as well as fall, for this fall you still will be running for color and with spring trends like exotics and peep toe stumbling into fall could you ask for more on a harried Monday morning!!!

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