Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hail The Old, Ye Lasses - Part 1 Flats 2 of 3

Giuseppe Zanotti Mesh Ballet Flats

Giuseppe Zanotti Primary Colors Sandals

Jimmy Choo Jola leather flats

Christian Louboutin Balacorta Patent Flats

To see the first part of this series click here.With sale going on in full swing there is never a better time to discuss about the best picks from the previous season.Every women knows the importance of flats in her collection, for without them how would our feet withstand all those calorie intensive gruelling shopping escapades!!!With a plethora of choices available one gets confused about getting the best worth of one's hard earned money.With innumerable options in flats, the choice has never been easier and the good news is that flats are getting trendier by the day.

Buckles had been a big trend last season and it would be bad to complete your shopping without one.The Mesh Ballet Flats pictured above is a cute way to accessorize your skinny jeans, adding a spurt of youthfulness to your feet.Nothing can go better with your cute gray colored shorts than the Primary Colors Sandals.Jola Leather Flats are for those days when you are tired of wearing black shoes to work and want to add some color to your formals, yet remaining within the periphery of formal work wear.There is no better way to glam up an evening than with a pair of Balacorta Patent Flats.Go out and shop your pick!!!

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