Saturday, July 12, 2008

Whose Baby Am I ? .............. Answer

Diva Bangle, Ode to Joy of Life, "Paradise Moonlight"

Yup, the answer is Frey Wille and this time around I have been getting a lot of grouses that it was a tough one.Well the tougher it is, the more challenging it gets!! The point is not to give a hopelessly tough one.Each of the designers showcased in the contests is known for a distinctive style of work, the answer lies in the awareness of this style.We do have a winner though and that is Emily from London.Congratulations Emily and ya your style queries do get answered this Tuesday.So readers till then keep guessing what Emily has on her mind!!

Frey Wille makes artistic creations in enamel, heavily drawing inspiration from fine arts as well as Greco Roman and Egyptian cultures.They even have collections inspired by some fine impressionist painters.The motifs are intricate, interesting, colorful and exhibit art in a very enticing way.So girls if you want to carry a piece of art on your person then Frey Wille is the way to go.It is a beautiful way to accessorise your LBD, adding an interesting spurt of color and thus elevating your look to a new dimension.


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