Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hail The Old, Ye Lasses - Part 1 Flats 2 of 3

Giuseppe Zanotti Mesh Ballet Flats

Giuseppe Zanotti Primary Colors Sandals

Jimmy Choo Jola leather flats

Christian Louboutin Balacorta Patent Flats

To see the first part of this series click here.With sale going on in full swing there is never a better time to discuss about the best picks from the previous season.Every women knows the importance of flats in her collection, for without them how would our feet withstand all those calorie intensive gruelling shopping escapades!!!With a plethora of choices available one gets confused about getting the best worth of one's hard earned money.With innumerable options in flats, the choice has never been easier and the good news is that flats are getting trendier by the day.

Buckles had been a big trend last season and it would be bad to complete your shopping without one.The Mesh Ballet Flats pictured above is a cute way to accessorize your skinny jeans, adding a spurt of youthfulness to your feet.Nothing can go better with your cute gray colored shorts than the Primary Colors Sandals.Jola Leather Flats are for those days when you are tired of wearing black shoes to work and want to add some color to your formals, yet remaining within the periphery of formal work wear.There is no better way to glam up an evening than with a pair of Balacorta Patent Flats.Go out and shop your pick!!!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Lord Of The Rings

The very first time I set my eyes on a pair of Louboutin shoes I had declared him as my Shoe God amidst peals of laughter from those surrounding me.And the God still continues to fascinate with his oh-so-glamorous designs that compensate for hours of preening in front of the mirror.This pair with its intense geometry of triangular cuts culminating in circular rings is so sharp and yet so intensely feminine.Being a fall shoe, ideally it would be worn with black opaque tights, the peacock blue of the shoe creating a beautiful contrast with the black tights.I cannot wait to out on my LBD, cover up my legs with black tights and slip into these.Oh what fun the fall is gonna be for its raining colors all the way!!!!


Monday, July 28, 2008

Pretty Purple!!!

Dior Cutout Wedge Sandal

Well its Monday and needless to say there are those blues again.You sit at your cubicle typing away on your keyboard imagining that you are in some convict camp engaged in brittling monstrous boulders, your heart breaking up in tandem with those big rocks.You cannot take it any longer when almost impulsively you open your drawer and find this beautiful pair of platform sandals waiting to be worn this evening to your friend's b'day party.You give a sly smile thinking about the envious looks that you will beget and with renewed energy start tapping those keys again with redoubled vigour!!!Oh, what motivation you require on a Monday morning!!!


Friday, July 25, 2008

Fall 2008 Ready-To-Wear Shoes - Miu Miu

We have shopped in buckled flats, partied in sculpted wedges, played peek a boo with our peep toes and arrayed our closets with endless pairs of shoes, bought for their cute heel details.As if that weren't enough we flirted with colors of spring namely lime green, teal, turquoise, fuchsia and just when we were ready to hang up our boots in exhaustion, a gentle soul reminded us that its the coming of a new season and with it an entire new collection of shoes.

While we parallelly run our series "Hail The Old, Ye Lasses" featuring the must buy shoes from the previous season, it does us no great harm to take a sneak peak at what our dainty feet will be sporting during Fall.I'll be featuring a series of my picks from the runways, showcased by some of my favorite designers.

Miu Miu always seems to scream "Expect the Unexpected".Though the color palette featured a lot of dark colors, the play of colors still continue, though this time around creating an impression of "color block shoes".The cone shaped heels are definite attention grabbers, coming in a variety of shapes and colors.So girls drool over these shoes and start pre-ordering your favourites.


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Electrifying Blues

Giuseppe Zanotti Suede Ankle Boots

Can someone please tell me a better way to welcome fall? Aaayyy!!! This fall as bright colors, boots and pointed toe shoes make a comeback, should I spell out what fun this season's dressing is gonna be!!


Sunday, July 20, 2008

Hail The Old, Ye Lasses - Part 1 Flats 1 of 3

Girls, bring out all those tiny scrapes of paper on which you have meticulously made your wish list for the past six months, all those little pieces of heaven that made your heart flutter in joy and eagerly wait for that sweet four letter word to be whispered in your ear.Well before your float in romantic waters thinking about your "knight-in-shining armour" thundering towards you to whisk you away and fulfill all your desires, please be cautioned that I didn't mean the most used / abused four letter word "LOVE' but the other one "SALE" that justifies all your hard work over the past season tolerating gruffy bosses and running noses to dash towards office as if there was no tomorrow.Well the summer sale is in full swing and its time to pamper and treat yourself to all the goodies that you so patiently slogged for.

I have got a lot of queries asking my help in picking out the "Best Shoes On Sale".I'm overwhelmed by your queries, appreciate them and please do continue writing to me.But due to immense time pressure of late, I'm unable to address your queries on an individual basis.What I decided on is that I'll give you all my favourite picks in a serial manner.So girls pick up your bags and shop till you drop!!!

There is nothing like a beige colored Fendi flat to partner your many outfits on a casual shopping day.Add a spurt of color to your LBDs or floral or printed dresses with the JimmyChoos shown below.Masculine dressing never got any better than this season.Embrace the trend with the Rupert Sanderson pictured here.Metallics can never run out of vogue, add a shimmer of glamour with the jewelled Giuseppe Zanotti flats.

Fendi Flat Basketweave Sandals

Jimmy Choo Aspen Elaphe Sandals

Rupert Sanderson Joyce Jazz Shoes

Giuseppe Zanotti Jeweled Appliqué Flats

Jimmy Choo Fife Flat Sandals


Saturday, July 19, 2008

On a shopping spree...

With so many brands to choose from and many more trends to respect, shopping for the uninitiated can be more than a daunting task.Imagine walking into a store to buy something to add to your wardrobe and returning empty handed only for the sole reason of not being confident enough to buy the clothes or accessories that, in addition to being in vogue, should also be one that would suit your physical, physiological and social makeup.There can be nothing worse than the fear of committing a fashion faux pas, after meticulously spending hours in a mall enduring sore feet and aching back, only to find that your precious find ended up pursing some lips and contorting some faces.I, being one who has gone through a myriad of "shopping emotions" empathise with people in similar situations and here by strive to make life easier for my blog readers by picking some headturners from the colossal gamut of options one is handed out.While fashion might be individualistic, trends for each season with regard to colour, fabrics, cut and accessories, seem to be collectively agreed upon.Join me in this virtual walk down Fifth Avenue as we discern the artful from the deceitful...

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Layered Fantasy

Lambskin Slipper Shoe, Junko Shimada

This fall, make yourself the Becky Sharp of Vanity Fair, for, its grandeur and eloquence shining bright on shoes, that are screaming their way to attention."Bigger The Better" seems to be the mantra for accessories this season.Vibrant colors still rule the roost, so your LBD might be excused only if you team it up with vibrant multicolored shoes.Spring brought in bright colors in a mishmash way, no single color requiring to standout.Fall on the contrary, despite continuing its flirtation with colors, makes every single color stand out and wants the fusion of colors to happen in your mind.

In case the sight of this Junko Shimada shoe scares the wit out of you, and makes you wonder how you would wear them, fear not, for here are few photos from their fashion show, enough to make you lust for them.


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Readers Ask

This is what Emily, our last week's winner of Whose Baby Am I? contest wanted to know.

Hi Fashionpicks,
I'm looking for a multi colored shoe to complement my light colored dresses in shades of white, green, gray, yellow etc With the coming of fall I would like to experiment with pale colors for my clothes but I want my shoes to reflect the autumn hues, essaying all the colors found in a tree with yellowing leaves.Can you find one such shoe?

If only the likes of Claude Monet and Gustave Caillebotte had made shoes instead of paintings then you would have had a whole closet of shoes to choose from, for your "dream shoe" draws a huge parallel with the impressionist style of painting, big bold brush strokes in bright colors rhyming with nature.Well since these painters, remained painters for the rest of their lives we have to look towards our SHOE GODS to see whether they can satisfy our dear Emily with their creations.And when I spotted this pair by Giuseppe Zanotti, my belief in the Gods only got strengthened!!!

Giuseppe Zanotti I86207

A perfect blend of autumn colors, the pleated front and the peep toe are more than enough reasons why this is a must have shoe this season.For all you shoe lovers, who have liked the hues on the shoe but would prefer a bootie instead, you are not out of luck for there is one in bootie version too.

Giuseppe Zanotti I87039


Monday, July 14, 2008

Monday Morning Purples

Oh Boy!!its a Monday, another week, another battle and a presentation deadline, just doesn't make it any better for your poor depressed spirits.You look out from your bed and find the first gentle drops of rain on the panes tattering your soul much like your boss' non stop cribbing about rising oil prices and a flattening and not so flattering bottom line urging you to roll up your sleeves and row harder towards the seemingly impossible target he has set for you.Your world all of a sudden is black and you want to cry like the candy denied kid, your tears in perfect harmony with nature's.The passing away of a bright feisty summer and the gentle arrival of fall makes you sick at the thought of having to kiss away all those bright hues of lime green and fuchsia and embrace the soft mellowed colors resplendent of the season.With these thoughts weighing down on you, you trudge mechanically to work when all of a sudden something bright erases your unhappiness and elevates you to ecstasy.Sitting by the Dior shop window, this pretty platform much like a Spinx that has risen from ashes has given you new hopes of life as well as fall, for this fall you still will be running for color and with spring trends like exotics and peep toe stumbling into fall could you ask for more on a harried Monday morning!!!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Whose Baby Am I ? .............. Answer

Diva Bangle, Ode to Joy of Life, "Paradise Moonlight"

Yup, the answer is Frey Wille and this time around I have been getting a lot of grouses that it was a tough one.Well the tougher it is, the more challenging it gets!! The point is not to give a hopelessly tough one.Each of the designers showcased in the contests is known for a distinctive style of work, the answer lies in the awareness of this style.We do have a winner though and that is Emily from London.Congratulations Emily and ya your style queries do get answered this Tuesday.So readers till then keep guessing what Emily has on her mind!!

Frey Wille makes artistic creations in enamel, heavily drawing inspiration from fine arts as well as Greco Roman and Egyptian cultures.They even have collections inspired by some fine impressionist painters.The motifs are intricate, interesting, colorful and exhibit art in a very enticing way.So girls if you want to carry a piece of art on your person then Frey Wille is the way to go.It is a beautiful way to accessorise your LBD, adding an interesting spurt of color and thus elevating your look to a new dimension.


Thursday, July 10, 2008

Contest Time:Whose Baby Am I ?

Well its Thursday and contest time!!Time to whack you out of your post mid week blues and pep you up for the weekend.Ever seen this beautiful spunky bracelet during those numerous window shopping escapades you had undertaken, with your hubby dearest limping beside you, begging for some mercy on his poor tired feet?If the answer is yes, then shoot the brand's name to and have your crazy, people-will-think-me-idiot or even normal style queries answered absolutely free!!!Hurry up, contest ends tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Readers Ask

This week as promised I'm answering the queries of Sophie, the winner of last week's contest, "Whose Baby Am I?".

Hey FashionPicks,
Since we are bordering on fall and with many designers showcasing their fall collections, I have got taken in by the "bootie trend", predominant in the ensuing season.I need a nice pair of ankle boots which is very feminine yet gives a rugged Texan cowboy look.Also I want to be comfortable wearing them and so want wider heels.Please let me know your pick.

Considering the requests that I get each day, I sometimes wish that I could start sewing those shoes and dresses myself.Till I start doing that, my fate is to score through thousands of brands trying to satisfy my readers in the best possible way.Ok girl, here goes my pick for you.And this time around I'm not describing anything about the shoes.See for thyself and buy them, wear them and be merry!!!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Black Beauty

Black Bootie, Pierre Hardy

The unique design of a wrap around the ankle makes this bootie a serious yet stylish accessory to your crisp no nonsense formal suit this Monday, when you are all brimming with energy to work your way up the corporate ladder and what better way to start the week than with this pair of booties adoring your feet, sending out a strong message that you are too strong willed and career oriented to be taken in by the delicate embellished shoes adoring the other dainty feet at office.Trod on girl, for its a big bad world out there!!!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Yellow So Mellow

I was floating over sunflower fields, the bees busy buzzing over my head, pollinating the flowers, which were gently bidding their "Bonjour" to the sun.The scene was so fresh and pure and just when I was bending a stalk and reaching for a sunflower, I heard a rude screeching of tyres behind me.I looked down at my feet with a slight grin on my face and there was this pretty pair of yellow shoes that inspired the "Sunflower reverie" in the middle of a busy road on a busy Friday morning.What with all the embellished, exotic, multi-colored and heel detailed shoes done to death, this pair comes as the virgin calm after a tempestuous night.A bright yellow to elevate you to the "Saturday Morning" mood and a simple cut on the side is all it takes to look simply chic!!!Go ahead and bring some sunshine on your feet.


Friday, July 4, 2008

Whose Baby Am I ? .............. Answer

Well, thanks for bombarding my mailbox with all possible designer names.The winner is Sophie, from Paris.Congratulations Sophie!!!!Well a Parisian ought to know her jeweller, right? The answer to the contest question is Van Cleef & Arpels, a luxury Parisian jewellery brand.I have showcased few pages from their catalogue so that readers can get a feel of their designs.All I can say is that their designs and play of colors with the aid of precious stones like rubies and sapphires are just mind boggling!!!Want to know what Sophie's style queries are?Sorry guys have to wait till Tuesday for that.

Image Source:

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Contest Time : Whose Baby Am I ?

I'm in a state of semi-bliss on Thursdays.Though the thought of the coming weekend soothes my frayed nerves, still the hurdle of Friday that I have to cross to reach my paradise of weekend makes me a bit dull.Not only me, but even those around me have a very nonchalant look.Me thought its time to jiggle out of boredom and catapult into some action.Lets do some fashion work, the best panacea for a mid week blue.Well folks, so far you guys have had it easy, haven't you?All the "cuties" showcased on this blog had been neatly named together with their creators.The time of getting everything handed over on a silver platter is over and its time to exercise those little grey cells of yours.This is a contest to test how designer savvy you are!! The first girl or guy who gets this right, will have her/his fashion queries answered by me in my weekly "Readers Ask" column.Well what are you waiting for??Grab your laptops and shoot your answer to The winner will be announced this Friday.Yup not much time there though.So start digging you closet really deep to see whether this little birdie is hiding there!!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Salute The Tri-Color

Giuseppe Zanotti Tri-color pumps

I never thought that playing Peek-a-Boo with your feet could be such a tease.Its quite alluring to show off those toe nails that had been patiently cut and filed to the right size before coating them with a fresh coat of Chanel polish.Just as I was knee deep wading through these pleasant thoughts, I was awakened quite rudely from my pleasant reverie by the irritating sound of my door bell.I sleepily floated my way to the drawing room, only to be greeted by my cheerful young nephew, who was all too excited to share his happenings at school.The matter was the boy had made a scrapbook on the "Flags of Nations" and as I sat flipping through its pages, he so inquisitively popped the question "Tell me, why do so many countries use tri-colors on their flags?".As I sat there scratching my head, thinking of a suitable response, I saw these pair of shoes peeking out from my closet.I was elated, for this was my moment of salvation, tri-colors are classy and effortlessly exuberate patriotism, be it towards country or shoes.Hail the tri-color and long live Giuseppe Zanotti, the maker of these stunners!!!


Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Reader's Ask

Hey FashionPicks,

I'm off to Paris on a short official visit and will be there for just one week.On my previous visit to Paris I just had time to browse the shops in Champs-Élysées and was bowled over by the mind boggling luxury I was surrounded by.With shoes and bags retailing at more than €1000 was forced to come home empty handed much to the disappointment of my beloved wife.This time around I want to gift her a cute handbag from a French brand which is affordable to me i.e between €100 to €200 range.Can you please suggest me something?
Thanks in advance.

There is nothing nobler than helping a man in distress(pun intended) especially in "womanly matters".Those poor creatures called Men slave it away in office enduring unspeakable "corporate tortures" to bring some cheer to their beloved ones.Though they might solve the toughest puzzles in the most ingenious ways conceivable yet they are baffled when it comes to understanding why their dainty pretty creatures called Women measure love in terms of the number of shoes and handbags gifted to them.The GODS of FASHION display their work at Champs-Élysées and isn't it not justified that a piece of GOD should be priceless and only a select few can attain the FASHION nirvana though their tireless acquisition of those teeny tiny green bits of paper called Euros?But the good news is that fashion is just a state of mind reflecting your response to the socioemotional stimulus encumbering upon you.Being fashionable is not just restricted to those with a fat purse.

Since you are having a short stay in Paris I would suggest you to go to Les Galeries Lafayette, which is a big mall that would suffice all your shopping needs.You are lucky to go at a time when the Summer Sale is happening in Paris.So be sure to get all the goodies that you wanted at 50% discount.Since you have not mentioned the occasion(day or evening) on which the handbag will be used , I have put together a choice of bags covering all occasions.The bags are by Arthur & Aston, makers of stylish handbags in the price range that you have mentioned.