Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Salute The Tri-Color

Giuseppe Zanotti Tri-color pumps

I never thought that playing Peek-a-Boo with your feet could be such a tease.Its quite alluring to show off those toe nails that had been patiently cut and filed to the right size before coating them with a fresh coat of Chanel polish.Just as I was knee deep wading through these pleasant thoughts, I was awakened quite rudely from my pleasant reverie by the irritating sound of my door bell.I sleepily floated my way to the drawing room, only to be greeted by my cheerful young nephew, who was all too excited to share his happenings at school.The matter was the boy had made a scrapbook on the "Flags of Nations" and as I sat flipping through its pages, he so inquisitively popped the question "Tell me, why do so many countries use tri-colors on their flags?".As I sat there scratching my head, thinking of a suitable response, I saw these pair of shoes peeking out from my closet.I was elated, for this was my moment of salvation, tri-colors are classy and effortlessly exuberate patriotism, be it towards country or shoes.Hail the tri-color and long live Giuseppe Zanotti, the maker of these stunners!!!


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