Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Readers Ask

This week as promised I'm answering the queries of Sophie, the winner of last week's contest, "Whose Baby Am I?".

Hey FashionPicks,
Since we are bordering on fall and with many designers showcasing their fall collections, I have got taken in by the "bootie trend", predominant in the ensuing season.I need a nice pair of ankle boots which is very feminine yet gives a rugged Texan cowboy look.Also I want to be comfortable wearing them and so want wider heels.Please let me know your pick.

Considering the requests that I get each day, I sometimes wish that I could start sewing those shoes and dresses myself.Till I start doing that, my fate is to score through thousands of brands trying to satisfy my readers in the best possible way.Ok girl, here goes my pick for you.And this time around I'm not describing anything about the shoes.See for thyself and buy them, wear them and be merry!!!

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