Thursday, July 3, 2008

Contest Time : Whose Baby Am I ?

I'm in a state of semi-bliss on Thursdays.Though the thought of the coming weekend soothes my frayed nerves, still the hurdle of Friday that I have to cross to reach my paradise of weekend makes me a bit dull.Not only me, but even those around me have a very nonchalant look.Me thought its time to jiggle out of boredom and catapult into some action.Lets do some fashion work, the best panacea for a mid week blue.Well folks, so far you guys have had it easy, haven't you?All the "cuties" showcased on this blog had been neatly named together with their creators.The time of getting everything handed over on a silver platter is over and its time to exercise those little grey cells of yours.This is a contest to test how designer savvy you are!! The first girl or guy who gets this right, will have her/his fashion queries answered by me in my weekly "Readers Ask" column.Well what are you waiting for??Grab your laptops and shoot your answer to The winner will be announced this Friday.Yup not much time there though.So start digging you closet really deep to see whether this little birdie is hiding there!!!

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