Sunday, July 20, 2008

Hail The Old, Ye Lasses - Part 1 Flats 1 of 3

Girls, bring out all those tiny scrapes of paper on which you have meticulously made your wish list for the past six months, all those little pieces of heaven that made your heart flutter in joy and eagerly wait for that sweet four letter word to be whispered in your ear.Well before your float in romantic waters thinking about your "knight-in-shining armour" thundering towards you to whisk you away and fulfill all your desires, please be cautioned that I didn't mean the most used / abused four letter word "LOVE' but the other one "SALE" that justifies all your hard work over the past season tolerating gruffy bosses and running noses to dash towards office as if there was no tomorrow.Well the summer sale is in full swing and its time to pamper and treat yourself to all the goodies that you so patiently slogged for.

I have got a lot of queries asking my help in picking out the "Best Shoes On Sale".I'm overwhelmed by your queries, appreciate them and please do continue writing to me.But due to immense time pressure of late, I'm unable to address your queries on an individual basis.What I decided on is that I'll give you all my favourite picks in a serial manner.So girls pick up your bags and shop till you drop!!!

There is nothing like a beige colored Fendi flat to partner your many outfits on a casual shopping day.Add a spurt of color to your LBDs or floral or printed dresses with the JimmyChoos shown below.Masculine dressing never got any better than this season.Embrace the trend with the Rupert Sanderson pictured here.Metallics can never run out of vogue, add a shimmer of glamour with the jewelled Giuseppe Zanotti flats.

Fendi Flat Basketweave Sandals

Jimmy Choo Aspen Elaphe Sandals

Rupert Sanderson Joyce Jazz Shoes

Giuseppe Zanotti Jeweled Appliqué Flats

Jimmy Choo Fife Flat Sandals


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