Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Walk On The Rainbow

Claudio Merazzi, eponymous owner of the luxury Italian shoe line is reckoned with colossal respect in the world of couture fashion. He is heavily inspired by his travels around the globe and desires to satisfy women with a strong hidden urge for maverick designs.His strength lies in his ability to fuse unusual colors and materials creating fashion forward shoes which even the most fashion averse would lust for.

Spring gives us far too many reasons to experiment with bold colors, that many times I feel stumped at the thought of mixing and matching all those bold colors in harmonious unison to create a sporty and chic look, wondering whether the hot pink dress that I bought impulsively on a post lunch walk on Fifth Avenue could be accessorised with the indigo blue shoes that are mine only for the perverse reason of disproving my man for saying that I wasn't spunky enough for indigo.To all those who are despairing about getting their colors right, these pair of shoes comes as the ultimate deliverance, the messiah of spring.With a clever combination of hot spring colors like lime, orange, hot pink, teal and yellow in thin strands of seude, effortlessly woven together, these shoes add the spring zing to any monochromatic dress.Team them with a sultry evening dress in white or black and lo behold, your shoes get all the attention they deserve in addition to enhancing the color appeal of the entire outfit.

Tease your way through spring by wearing these dresses to accessorize the shoes(Yup the shoes are the attention mongers).

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