Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Herald The Samourai Warrior

Dior Samourai Shopper

Christian Dior, the French designer revolutionised women's wear during the end of World War II from boxy fabric conserving style to dresses flaring from the waist and hence giving women a more curvaceous and beautiful silhouette.He has been credited as a master at creating shapes and silhouettes.

This fuchsia woven leather bag lives up to Dior's reputation in the sense of its uniqueness with regard to its shape, for it resembles a woven basket more than a bag.Despite the bag being showcased last fall(2007) it goes so well with the spirit of spring owing to it being woven and having a rich color.The bag has been inspired by traditional Japanese basket weaving and has layers of leather(calfskin and lambskin) woven by hand.The top handles are attached to the bag by rings and serpents in tortoiseshells, to create a truly exotic look.The bag comes with an open top and Louis XVI picture frame tag with Dior logo.

Though the Samourai warrior commanded priceless respect, this bag honoring the Samourai thankfully does come with a price tag, thus enabling you to own a piece of Oriental charm.

Image Source:www.neimanmarcus.com

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