Monday, March 31, 2008

Roll Pin Under My Shoe

Henry Beguelin brand was born in the eighties, when the pastime of making belts and bags from cowhide and recycled materials, of a group of friends on Elba island(in Italy) took a serious turn.The brand prides itself in creating luxury instead of fashion and their products are timeless and "fad" impermeable.The uniqueness of the brand lies in its "close to nature" designs right from using vegetable dyed leather and wood as raw materials to expertly cutting, stitching and assembling them by hand.The designs stands out in their virgin appeal.

While gladiator shoes are a big fad this season, I couldn't pick one pair that caught my attention from the numerous ones that I have encountered so far until I saw this one.The shoe has no heel as such, though its function is performed by a roll pin on a wooden base.Barring comfort, the shoe has a very oriental appeal reminding one of the Geisha days where style always ruled over comfort.The shoe is teasingly different and requires a lot of spunk and chutzpah on the part of the wearer to carry it around.

The brown parachute shoulder bag on the contrary is elegantly simple with no other detailing except for a ruched handle embellished in gold tone hardware and two thin drawstrings for closure .The brand's signature of a miniature stick figure is embroidered in specialised wax thread at the front and the sides.

The simplicity of the bag contrasting with the freaky style of the shoes makes them a great pair.Grab them and cast an oriental spell on those around you.


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