Thursday, March 20, 2008

Pink waves on your feet

Pink is the hue
That colors this shoe
On seeing it, at once I knew
Few dollars I'll unglue
To add this to my slew

Two-Tone Wavy Heel

This shoe is so reminiscent of the famous cherry blossom sightings.It perfectly captures the spirit of spring in its youthful choice of colors accentuated by the color block style it has been rendered in.The two shades of pink covering the vamp, are further emphasised by a similar pattern, not on the ankle strap as is the usual fare, but on the heel, which in addition to being a new trend this season, is also a cheerful deviation from the boring plain heel one is usually used to.The shoe is peppered with a wavy detail complementing the break from mundaneness which the season ushers in.Ideal for sporting on weekend getaways and informal girlie meetings, these twosome towers are a must have this season.Its simplistic design, minimalistic detailing and girlie color makes a feminine, trendy, casual yet powerful fashion statement.

Make a fun statement this spring with these shoes.

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