Friday, March 21, 2008

Of Circles and rectangles

Manolo Blahnik Stasi Leather d'Orsay

Can you connect these two pictures?While most of us would answer in the negative, there is a genius among us who drew inspiration from the building to create the shoe.Overwhelmed?Needn't be when the man in question is none other than Manolo Blahnik who resonates with chicness and sophistication when it comes to the design of shoes.His uniqueness lies in his ability to discern patterns from mundane objects ,and impress them upon his shoes.This pair of shoes, despite being part of the spring/summer 2008 collection which draws heavily on the Turkish architecture, is inspired by the many rectangular windows of Stasi(secret police of East Germany)headquarters.By alternating silver tone grommets with neatly cut rectangles (Stasi influence) in black leather and styling it d'Orshay, Blahnik has undoubtedly created a master piece.The shoe gives a mellowed yet classy statement, ideal for a cocktail party.

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