Thursday, December 18, 2008

On The Cover - Anna Hathway

Come Jan 2009, you have more to expect than just the New Year ahead and a bunch of mint fresh unbroken resolutions that tag along with it, for on the January issue of Vogue, we have the oh-so-pretty Anne Hathaway with her new found slim body(which she attributes to her return to vegetarianism post breakup with her ex, as well as some serious kick boxing and strength training), posing prettily on the cover and thereafter spilling the beans about her life so far.And for all you impatient folks, here is a glimpse of "the most beautiful creature in movies today"(quoted by none other than the legend Meryl Streep).Warning:Some serious ogling ahead!!!

Feeling like an Angel "zipped" from heaven.

Putting the year behind in style.

The future sure looks bright.

Excuse me, did I hear something about an "XXL mouth" ?


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