Monday, December 1, 2008

Black And White Morning

As you get ready for work on Monday morning, for once you are thankful for still having a place to go on every weekday called "office".With the days passing by, the only change that seems to be happening in your life is the number of your friends getting laid off.After a Thanksgiving week of sorts, you reminiscence how your mother always warned you about the ups and downs in life.Heaving a sign you reach out for your handbag, look at your shoes (pictured above), which your dear hubby was kind enough to bestow upon you as a little Thanksgiving present, and wonder why the highs and lows of your life cannot blend as harmoniously as the white and black on your shoes!!!So long, life goes on, another week, another challenge in another pair of shoes!!

P.S:Black and white color combo is a hot trend for spring 2009, which makes this pair very trendy and fashion forward.


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