Thursday, July 9, 2009

Elie Saab, Snow Whites on the Runway !!

Just when I had accepted that this Haute Couture season was a damp squib, Elie Saab proves the contrary in the form of an ornate all white collection(two dresses were in off-white), similar to what we had seen last season at Chanel(the similarity between the two collections ends with the choice of color). This collection encompassed almost everything that I had wanted in a couture show, complexity, creativity, meticulous detailing and freshness.The asymmetrical shoulders, the big pouf sleeves, delicately worked organza flowers that gently wrapped the body, a number of evening dresses in myriad wraps and volumes some of which sparkling with crystals, fur trimmed dresses, jumpsuits, short dresses - the options were truly infinite.Finally my faith in Haute Couture was reposed by this designer, who had really saved the best for last!

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