Saturday, January 30, 2010


Wait! How gargantuan you are!
Poured your heart out
Talked of your admiration
For your idol

Sent your thoughts
All packed neatly
In lines scribbled
Across many papers,
Resembling words,
or perhaps a woven dream

Creating a window
of graphite dust
That offers a peep
Into your inner soul

Wait! Have your thoughts
Been delivered
Lands and oceans across?
To the one for whom
You have sculpted
Your wishes

Wait! Has your idol seen
The little packet
In his inbox docket?
Opened to reveal
Your admiration pure

Wait! Did your idol
Glance deep enough?
To understand the graphite dance
Now metamorphosed strangely by chance
Into his portrait, entranced

Wait! Was that his thought?
Or me in a mere knot?
Vacillating like a pendulum clock
Between extremes of
Hope and Embarrassment

Wait! Did you hear a gentle knock?
Everything around blurred
And your little world swirled

Wait! Was that your idol's symphony?
In response to your graphite cacophony?
Oh how he communed a melody
Or perhaps not!

Wait! Oh what joy you are in pain
Wait! Or a throbbing pain in joy
Wait! Wait! Wait!

Inspired by a young girl who writes to her idol and speculates his reaction...

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Obavezno said...

Oh, Premmi!Your poems are so motivating, so inspiring, so moving. Beautiful and very uplifting!
You're blessed with a great talent and I thank you for sharing it. :)