Monday, October 13, 2008

Go Back In Time

Its an inevitable Monday morning and you make your way through the concrete jungle treading wearily towards your office not knowing whether the axe will fall on your head today.There is nothing worse than the constant trepidation of expecting the worse.You suddenly long for the primitive life of hunting and gathering, moving around in herds in the Amazon jungle, where your expectation from life is nothing more than an wild boar or at least it seems so at first.And suddenly you wonder how all the folk and tribal art came into being if gastronomical quests encompassed primitive life, you realise the existence of stone age Jimmy Choo and Christian Louboutin and then you dream away as to what shoes they would have designed for the hunters and so on and so forth.Dang!!! your reverie is broken by your loudmouthed cubicle mate who jerks you in a manner that you fear a concussion in your head and she is like "Jimmy Choo does folk".While you never really got to the point of caveman Choo's designs, you find yourself staring at a dreamy pair of folk inspired boots from the contemporary Choo!!!


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