Monday, October 27, 2008

Tough As A Warrior

Well another Monday and still no respite in sight.You have spent your whole weekend, glued in front of the idiot box which now seems to be your Bodhi tree of enlightenment.You keep jumping back and forth, from one business channel to another, fervently hoping for a little silver lining, some ounce of optimism somewhere, like Marius in search of Cosette.You find your whole little world caving in front of you, reports of days to come when its blessed to have food on table, so on and so forth.You think of all the long hours at work, the tough deadlines to battle and the warrior in you resurfacing yet again.This is no time for tottering in sky high stilettos watching your every step, but for some rugged practical boots like the one pictured above, to wade you through fall and the tough times ahead...


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