Saturday, November 1, 2008

Spring 2009 Ready-To-Wear - Louis Vuitton

Just when you had thought that bags in two avatars namely monogrammed and embossed were all there was to Louis Vuitton and for fresh quirky fashion one had to look elsewhere, Marc Jacobs(the designer of the collection) springs a surprise that is so very welcome.This collection had all the usual Vuitton fare, only they were morphed into African tribal art and the result was pleasant beyond description.Though the clothes offered an array of options from wide leg pants to short skirts, the collection belonged to the accessories crazy, what with a zillion options of bangles, necklaces, shoes and bags screaming tribal art!!!The shoes were noteworthy, decorated with thin strips of python, feathers and colorful beads.Very tribal and very dreamy.The best of Louis Vuitton on display.

Save your pennies for spring, for Louis Vuitton's spring accessories are too good to miss!!


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