Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Spring Trends 2009 : Get Knotty Part 1

The year is 2011, the economy in deep recession and dressing is reduced to saving your modesty rather than an extravagant affair that it once used to be.With bread retailing at $100 a loaf, people have barely anything to eat, let alone wear.The "size zeros" are no longer restricted to the ramps, rather they are the norm of the day.Wealth eroded and with that all vanity too.Dressing for occasion, place, mood, everything seems so distant.People just scrap whatever is left of their dresses, tie them together and wear them."Haute couture" is as extinct as the dodo.There is no concept of "size" any longer, the order of the day being "ONE SIZE FITS ALL".So if the clothes are too big, then they are gathered together and tied, to prevent from tripping and falling.An alien reconnaissancing Earth, had taken the following snaps of people going about their business on one such gloomy "spring of despair".

Tying the pieces together.

Too hungry to bother.

Remembering her scouting days.

Curtains to the rescue.

Nerds take it easy.

Making ends meet.

She's got large clothes to fit into.

Image Source:www.style.com

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