Saturday, November 22, 2008

Recession Savy Shoe Shopping At Marshall's

Tough times, scare jobs, uncertain future, a dwindling bank balance and still the insatiable need to keep adding to your shoe closet...How does an addicted shopper manage recession?Either by working overtime and getting killed in the process or finding ways to shop smarter.Whenever I mention the idea of a discounted shop, people always conjure images of heaps of clothes piled pell-mell, and shudder and ask me "How exactly do you shop at these stores?" Its a big fallacy to associate shops selling discounted merchandise with disorder.For example, at the Marshall's shoe mega shop, the shoes are neatly ordered and finding the requisite style and size is a breeze and not akin to finding a needle in a haystack.That said, the next question is "Will I find what I want?" Yes, definitely provided you know how to shop at a place like Marshall's.Generally when I shop at a upscale mall, I have a rigid look in mind, I know beforehand what I would be buying and I generally stick to that.On the contrary I would approach Marshall's with an open mind.With an idea of the key looks of the season, I do an initial dry run of the merchandise in the whole shop mentally marking what I would be buying, after which I just pick up my shopping bag and for once shop without guilt, without bothering to look at the price tags and above all not compromising on my favorite designers !! Putting a look together on the fly is so much fun and is one of the key joys of shopping which the internet has unfortunately robbed off late.And the last point to note is that to get the best deals, keep visiting Marshall's more frequently as they get new merchandise almost every other day and who knows, that Prada you were lusting for so long might just be sitting coyly at a corner waiting to be picked up!!! Enjoy your shopping!!

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