Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Spring Trends 2009 : Ragamuffins On The Runway

With recession hovering around every one's head, people are finding innovative ways to cut corners, like digging one's closet for something worth recycling, taking clothes to a tailor and altering in some interesting details, taking mix and match to unheard of levels, well the list seems endless.As always, our designers lead the way in showing us how to dress during hard times.Wear everything you can lay your hands on, including moth eaten tees even if they are in shreds.Yes ladies, TORN IS IN.Thats one more stylish shred in the recessionista's much worn out hat!!!

Am I not a darling?

Ever heard of the phrase "beaten to death"?

Please don't ever forget to feed your cat.

Its airy in there.

I'm tough as a nail.


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