Thursday, November 5, 2009

It's tulle fest at Viktor & Rolf !

Creators: Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren

Show: Spring Summer 2010 RTW (Women)

Date Held: Oct 3th 2009

Place: Espace Ephémère Tuileries, Jardin Des Tuileries, Paris

Inspiration: Recession

Color Palette: Typical spring colors of lavender, turquoise, mauve, pistachio-green, flamingo pink, coral and peach dominating over stronger colors of purple, black and gray

Collection's composition:

Accessories: high heeled shoes and hand bags smothered in either pink and peach silk roses or zips

Philosophy Behind Collection: "Credit crunch couture — the world is cutting back so we literally started cutting away chunks of the ballgowns — and with the remnants we created new clothes,” Viktor Horsting said backstage with Ralph Snoeren

Targeted Buyers: While ballgowns and bulbous recycled tulle dresses will serve as editorial cynosures and fashion maverick's playthings, the lingerie trend inspired appliquéd silk trousers, shorts and camis together with the tightly draped cocktail dresses will find their way into people's homes.

The collection mostly favours the thin!

High Points: As characteristic of Victor & Rolf, the designer duo focused on a high fantasy collection which was extremely pleasing to the eye and the hacked away ballgowns were a testament to the creative and technical calibre of the designers. The same high fantasy ride continued with the recycled tulle dresses and tulle frilled tuxedos the only difference being that they translated into something more wearable!

Low Points: The lingerie inspired looks executed through stain shorts and pants with lace inset while appearing comfortable to wear looked a bit clichéd!


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M. said...

i SO adore this collection of theirs. so girly + fun.