Sunday, November 8, 2009

Thank God, this isn't me!

While most of the time celebrities' red carpet looks make people wish they were them, there are occasions when we see someone and think "Gosh, I would never be caught dead in something like that!" Here are some of those moments that left me exclaiming "Thank God, this isn't me!".

While the Spring 2010 runways screamed "underwear as outerwear" Eva Mendes, being the stressed celebrity that she is just got the "underwear" part of it and misconstrued the message as "no underwear"! Also after feasting on innumerable beautiful drapes on the Spring runway it is a pity to see her sport a skirt which looks more like she had to pull it up to wade through a muddy pool!

Will someone please remind Nina Hagen, that Halloween is over and behind us?

These are the times when I become a staunch supporter of "size 0" .


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