Thursday, October 29, 2009

Meet the Leg Breaker, Her Highness Armadillo!

Imagine a world submerged in water, and man in the process of devolving into fish again! At least that's what McQueen wanted us to conjure during his Spring 2010 show. Maybe in a watery world a one foot tall heel might help humans wade above water till the "devolution" into sea creatures is complete! Yet as things stand today are these Armadillos, the giant sisters of stilettos an absolute necessity or a gross fashion crime?

First it was the issue of the reed thin models getting thinner every year and now with shoes like these with each passing year they seem to be getting taller as well! Seriously, is a 6 foot tall model wearing a one foot tall heel and weighing 95 lbs the new definition of beauty? Or is it just that McQueen is tired of fighting his legal battles with Steve Madden and hence created something that is copy proof?

What is the limit for this "thin as a reed and tall as a tree" obsession? Is it time to set some standards for maximum permissible heel height as well?

To muse, baring the affordability factor would you do the Armadillos? If so, why? And designers please DON'T KILL THE MODELS with your perverted ideas of fashion!



Tala said...

omg lady gaga is wearing these in her new bad romance video it is amazing !!

Anonymous said...

These are the most disturbing shoes I have ever seen!