Sunday, April 5, 2009

John Galliano journeys to Baboushka land

Inspiration:Russia and the Baltic lands with the evening gowns pointing to Scheherazade terrain.

Collection's Composition:Ornate embroideries, tassels, coats with wide panniered hips translating into serious volume, flimsy chudidars, peasant blouses and delicate gowns.

Color Palette:Varied, in addition to the usual fall colors of gray and black there were some surprises in the form of olive green, violet, blue and red.

Pi├Ęces de r├ęsistance :

Accessories: Coin jewellery, pom-pom lace-up boots and fancy head wear.

Targeted Buyers: The typical Galliano girl, young, adventurous and free spirited.

High Points: John Galliano's Fall collection shatters the notion of Fall necessarily meaning sub zero temperatures, his peasant blouses suggest the inclusion of the tropics where Fall is still hot, humid and sweaty.His use of bright saturated colors too is commendable.

Low Points: Nothing specific to the collection, though the staging of his clothes could have been more elaborate and the safety pin so explicitly seen holding the coin chains together could have been done in a more aesthetic way!!!


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Anna said...

His inspiration actually came from the traditional cultural dresses of Greece