Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Black is Funereal?

One look at these ladies and that's what crossed my mind!! Often black seems to be the panacea for avoiding any fashion faux pas on the Red Carpet.While it may be true that the color is very accommodating to skin tone and body shape especially popular for its super slimming effect, done the wrong way it can end up looking funereal like the ladies pictured here(while Anna(left) might be on her way to an ordinary funeral, Carrie might be credited with a designer's funeral, still its a funeral that both seem to be dressed up for and not for "True Blood at PlaeyFest09" that they are actually attending).The very simplicity of black necessitates it to be rendered on clothes with interesting silhouettes, sharp tailoring or clever detailing.And despite all the black beauties(implying models wearing black) seen on Spring 2009's runway it really pains a lot to see "interesting" people turn out in boring outfits maligning black.Get a stylist girls and until then, do yourselves a favor by leaving black alone!!

Image Source:www.zimbio.com

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