Friday, April 17, 2009

Partners in Crime?

How else to describe this pair? The monochrome dress trend has caught up so much with the fashion crowd that there isn't one celebrity who has not been spotted in a black and white color combination.Despite designers throwing a ton of monochrome dresses on the Spring runway, it makes me sad to see Lara Bingle end up in something as insipid as this one.And please, so we need a designer to make this dress, any corner shop tailor in any part of the world would be able to stitch together a piece each of black and white cloth and if we are good enough to listen to our grannie's cribbing, then maybe even she could make this dress for us!!

As for Justin Tranter, he should think of other ways to show off his toned lean legs and I can only pray to God with all my heart that the meggings(leggings for men) trend doesn't catch up with the vast majority of male population and is restricted to few eccentric men who think themselves cool enough to walk around in pointed heels.Otherwise imagine the many Pickwicks who would be going about their business deluding themselves of how trend savvy they are, while being entirely ignorant of the many eyesores they would be causing!! Boy, even the very thought catapults me into Antarctica!!


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