Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Back to Basics!

"Remember Shopping?" screams Vogue as the magazine tempts you with Fall 2009's must-haves.Tough times demand prudent choices! Tesco recently reported selling two sewing machines per minute, which implies that clothes are not to be worn a couple of times and done away with, they have to be made to last as long as possible, though I pray that the economy doesn't stoop too low to force people to wear a dress to its last shreds, like Akaky Akakievich in Nikolay Gogol's Overcoat! The wise woman of today wants her clothes and accessories to last for years(as she is unsure whether she would have a second chance at buying) and be trend proof at the same time. Does that sound like asking for too much? Not if you turn to basics(read timeless pieces) for succor.Even hard times require you to indulge, to relive the golden yester years that remind you of the "what had been" and make you optimistic about the "what could be" of tomorrow!Go get these(pictured above), they can carry you through many more seasons of this journey called life..., without compromising on your astute sense of style!

Pictured above:

1.Skull Ring by Alexander McQueen

2.Oxidized Silver Bangles by Bottega Veneta

3.Tough Collection Skull Earrings by Tom Binns

4.Suede Bootie With Multiple Silver Zips by Alexandra Neel

5.Sleeveless Twill Dress by Helmut Lang

6.Suede And Python Sandal by Nicholas Kirkwood

7.Metal Minaudière In Crocodile Print by Giorgio Armani

8.Studded Handbag With Chain Strap by Marc Jacobs

Image Source:www.harveynichols.com www.style.com www.net-a-porter.com

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