Friday, August 14, 2009

That Summer of 1969!

With Woodstock Music and Art fair celebrating its 40th anniversary today, its only natural to ponder how a denim boot relates to an event that celebrated hippie culture and liberalised social thoughts!! 1969 also saw a important fashion moment through the birth of the American clothing retailer Gap, named so to signify the "generational gap" between the baby boomers and their children.Gap too is celebrating its 40th year with aplomb, through a series of collaborations with artists and designers.They plan to launch an exclusive collection of denim clothes and accessories to commemorate their b'day!Shown here is one of the 69 pairs of unwashed indigo denim bootie designed by Pierre Hardy and available at their store on Kingly court, London.The event starts on 10th September and will continue for 19 days and 69 hours or for the mathematically challenged 21 days and 21 hours! And of course you guessed it right, it comes at a price of £69!! Want to make the cut? Register at to keep yourself updated on the other events planned around the anniversary.And more importantly would you buy into the hype, barring the fact that it was designed by Pierre Hardy and that only 69 pairs are available, do you find it aesthetically appealing enough to sleep in front of the store the previous night?If you do, tell me how you plan to wear the booties and keep them mud free as well!



Anonymous said...

Terrific blog. That chunky denim high heel is like silver to the wolf-wolf ideals of Woodstock. But perhaps that's your point: everyting's commodified ethos, everything's a gap 1969 thing. We fell into the gap, as their saying went, long ago.

In other news: Halle Berry looked sensational at the Gap 1969 launch in LA a few days ago.

P Adhikari said...

Well said, your succinctly surmised the whole point behind the summer of 1969!